Scent Games

These lessons teach your dog to play a structured game using its sense of smell. Scent games can be played anywhere, are highly enriching and give the dog a job to do using its nose.

Dogs smell their environment and "see" the world with the same clarity as humans do with their eyes.

Take a minute to think about this. Look around the room slowly observing all the details. Every object you see has a distinct odor to your dog. It is through these odors, of which we are unaware, that your dog experiences the world.

Humans often neglect our dog’s instinct to hunt, sniff, and problem solve because we simply cannot, on any level, comprehend it.

Scent games that we work with your dog on are essentially searches for objects. Initial searches begin with food and then progress to any odor or object you choose once your dog learns the game.

Dogs of any size, breed, age, temperament or ability can participate, as it is instinct all dogs' instinct to hunt and problem solve.

(Scent games are also a great activity for reactive and blind dogs who are frequently left out of activities.)

These lessons give you the opportunity to gain a better appreciation of how the world is perceived through your dog’s nose. Through this class you will better understand the anatomy of the canine nose, learn to recognize scent trails and read your dog’s body language. You will also gain a different perspective of your dog when he sniffs the ground, greets another dog and hopefully, more patience when he finds that really sweet spot on a tree lawn during a walk.

This is a wonderful enrichment activity that can be played over the life of your dog. 

Introduction to Scent (4 lessons for $99)
Advanced Scent Work (6 lessons for $125)

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