Puppy Development & Socialization

The overall goal of this class is to create confident, curious dogs who adjust well to new situations and don’t experience the fear and anxiety associated with incomplete socialization.

This class is designed for puppies between 8 to 12 weeks of age, which is the time they are very open to new experiences.

Behaviorists call this the "sensitive period" and it is the most important time for socialization in a dog’s life. They should be exposed to a large variety of people, sounds, surfaces, objects, and other animals.

Providing puppies with positive experiences in unfamiliar situations prevents behavioral issues later in life, and our puppy class aims to help with that.  

They will also learn that being handled and touched is a normal part of life, allowing them to relax when being held, groomed, or examined by a veterinarian.

We will also discuss how to:

  • Introduce a puppy to your home in a safe, encouraging way.

  • Manage puppy behaviors around the house.

  • Prevent a variety of problems as your dog matures.

Every session also includes supervised play with other puppies who will help your dog learn boundaries and appropriate play. 

Cost: 4 Weeks for $80
Schedule: The class meets Sundays at 4pm. Your puppy can join the class any time!

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