Establishing a relationship is the first step in successful dog training

Dog training should be stress free and a lot of fun. My overall goal is to teach you to have the skills, confidence and knowledge necessary to effectively work with your dog. Concepts in dog training are not difficult to understand. Successful dog training involves developing a strong relationship with your dog, opening clear lines of communication and applying objective, consistent science-based techniques. It is also essential that you develop a strong bond with your dog based on trust, play, affection and respect before starting any training program. Laying this foundation results in dogs who are happy to be with you and more focused during training sessions. Additionally, I have learned that there are much better ways to motivate your dog than only handing it a food reward. Using more dynamic reward methods involving movement, play, praise and prey drive makes every interaction you more fun, motivating and rewarding for your dog. When done correctly, dogs learn to value the interaction with you first before accessing a food or toy reward. This approach turns every training session into a relationship building experience and develops dogs who are highly motivated to work with you. My job is to teach you to use clear verbal commands, good timing and correct body language which help dogs understand expectations during training. I also realize that not every dog learns at the same pace and will work to set up an appropriate training program setting your dog up to succeed.