Foundation Skills Class – 6 Weeks – $100 (Private Class $150)P1010816

Many dog/human teams are not ready to train with high expectations at the first lesson. I’ve found that focusing on teaching a solid foundation skills first greatly increases overall success in future training. These lessons improve each owner’s handling skills and prepare dog/owner teams to effectively train together. Dog owners will also gain a solid understanding of Learning Theory and how to effectively use it in the context of dog training. Completion of this class will assure that you and your dog are well prepared for success in obedience training in real world situations. Class sizes are always very small with a lot of individual attention. Call today to join our next class.

Skills Your Dog Will Learn
1) Sit until released

2) Lay down until released
3) Go to a bed and crate on command, staying until released
4) Walk on a loose leash
5) Come when called

Additional topics covered in these lessons are:
1) Build confidence, trust and a better relationship through play

2) Achieve solid attention and eye contact during training
3) Contrast free shaping vs. teaching your dog to follow a lure
4) Know the benefits of shaping strong behaviors before putting them on cue
5) Develop clear verbal and non-verbal communication with your dog
6) Learn to better read your dog’s body language.
7) The step by step progression of teaching your dog to come when called
8) Proper technique when teaching loose leash walking
9) Increase your dog’s drive and motivation to work with you
10) The concept of Engagement and its huge impact on training sessions
11) Understand how and when to layer in distractions to proof behaviors