Obedience meet ups bring dog obedience training into the real world. It builds directly on the shaping, communication and engagement skills each dog learned in the Foundation Skills Class and is designed for dogs who are clearly ready to move forward with higher expectations. These meet ups are flexible, affordable and ongoing allowing you to join when you have time. We work in several different locations helping to generalize obedience behaviors around different dogs and in distracting environments. The overall goal of the dog obedience training class is to teach our dogs to live successfully in the social world that we live in and be well-behaved participants in our everyday lives. Contact us for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

Skills we work on
1) Hold position on command until released in multiple environments
2) Appropriately greet people and other dogs.
3) Come when called around other dogs and in distracting areas
4) Walk on a loose leash in distracting environments 


Additional Topics
1) Reinforcement schedules
2) The importance of raising criteria as you train
3) When a toy is an appropriate reward for some dogs
4) The Premack Principle
5) How to effectively utilize secondary reinforcers in training
6) Keeping training fun and interesting
7) Proofing behaviors in the natural environment